Simulator - AI-aided Big Data Analytics
  • Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • AI-aided design, management, and processing
  • Data-driven modeling and simulation


  • Efficiency and cost analysis
  • Process planning and optimization
  • Industrial data analytics
  • Customer behavior modeling
  • Networks and distribution planning
  • Monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Predictive business intelligence
  • Quality management
  • Predictive maintenance


  • Finance and Insurance
  • Logistics and Retail
  • Utilities and Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil, Gas and Minerals
  • Agriculture


  • A self-service tool with no data-science knowledge needed
  • Low implementation cost and risks, quick proof of concept
  • The same solution for a large number of applications


AISE Simulator leverages the power of all technology out there

TensorFlow Caffe2 Python Julia NVidia CUDA Amazon Web Services OpenStack VMware Docker

…and many more

AI-aided Big Data Analytics on AISE Simulator

Your data has value

AI will extract it for you

Leverage the value from day one